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Our Story

Prizo first started in 2017 in a institution our founder was studying at, during major school events or during projects, he wondered what would differentiate him to be a level higher than the others. He wanted an edge over the others, something the rest did not have. Then, it hit him, he starting to create his own unique formal shoes and complimented it with his formal outfit, eventually creating the brand Prizo as we know of today. What was once started as a way to be different from others turned out to be an opportunity for him to carve his ideas to become reality.

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The Collection

Prizo has a various collection of shoes since the brand was created originally, designs and overflowing creativity can be found in every corner of the shoes made by the brand Prizo, eventually rising up to become a well-known brand. The collection at Prizo Shoes mainly consists of the classic formal dress shoes and some of the most unique and trendiest shoes ever known to mankind. With the most unique designs and styles provided to you all on an online platform, you can be rest assured that you will be well prepared for any event coming your way and stand out from the others.



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